Global Project Management

How do I make sure my NDA submission happens on time when my company has never done one before?

How do I get the best chance of a positive outcome in my meeting with FDA and EMA?

How do I make sure I haven’t missed anything in my development plan?

How do I monitor and mitigate the risks to my program? When should my mitigation strategy kick in?

How do I make sure I actually reach my objective for my project?

What is change management and why should I care about it?

How do I keep my budget under control?

How do I make sure everyone in the team is doing things the same way?

I don’t understand Gantt charts—they look complicated. Why do I have to have one?

Example of solutions to address the above questions.

Lead project teams to ensure business objectives are met and expected benefits are realized.

Provide a structured approach to operations to manage critical inter dependencies.

Develop budgets and project plans for development activities.

Facilitate and document process and procedure development.

Assess and monitor risk and risk mitigation strategies.

Prepare materials and facilitate meeting preparation for interactions with regulatory authorities.
Lead change management initiatives.

Define, prioritize, understand, and measure the impact of projects on an organization to manage a portfolio.