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CMC Review, Formulation Review, Quality Assurance,Technical Reviews, Supply Chain,Risk Mitigation,Quality Assurance Document Creation, Correspondence with Stakeholders, Data review, Regulatory Strategy




To provide expert support in matters regarding formulation, drug substance manufacturing, manufacturing quality, regulatory strategy, supply chain management

“The Novateur Ventures team has supported Acerus since 2019. They have provided us with highly specialized knowledge and expertise across a broad range of subjects. The team has been a pleasure to work with and they have become valued members of our extended team. We look forward to our ongoing relationship with Novateur Ventures and highly recommend their services.”

Edward Gudaitis
President and CEO
Acerus Pharmaceuticals Corporation


Acerus Pharmaceuticals seeks expert advice from Novateur to improve characteristics of the Active Product Ingredients (API) and formulation of their approved products

Since 2019, the Novateur advisory team has been engaged to support Acerus to improve quality control and supply chain of their approved products. 

Novateur assembled an experienced technical team that was able to identify and resolve issues at hand and improve the characteristics of the Active Product Ingredients (API) and the formulation.  

The Novateur expert team identified qualified testing laboratories and API suppliers. The result of the testing and sourcing activities identified a path forward for Acerus to improve the product and device performance. In addition, critical process parameters were characterized to provide additional controls for future manufacturing.

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