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Due-Diligence, Technology Creation,Technology Assessment, Assessment of Opportunity,Commercial Assessment, Clinical Assessment, Sales, Company Creation, Market Landscape Analysis, Reimbursement, Regulatory Pathway, Business Development




To provide expert support in matters regarding scientific due diligence, company creations, regulatory strategy

“The Novateur team has supported adMare BioInnovations since 2018 in a diverse range of projects, from complex reimbursement and regulatory strategies and assessments, to scientific due diligence, development of financial models, and sales forecasts. This work has been essential to our creation of new Canadian life sciences companies of scale; and we thank Novateur for always being such a reliable partner in ensuring those companies are founded on the best information available, and as solid a foundation as possible.” 

Gordon C. McCauley, President and CEO, adMare BioInnovations.


Novateur supporting major Canadian biotech company adMare in diverse range of projects

Since 2018 the Novateur expert team has supported adMare in commercializing new technologies in Canada through their extensive industry experience. They provided strategic planning and business development insights and evaluated commercial opportunities, the reimbursement environment, pricing considerations and market infrastructure.

Novateur has also provided expertise regarding the launch of new companies, creating Net Present Value (NPV) models, market analyses and reimbursement strategies. 
In 2021 Novateur experts further supported adMare in business development matters by conducting project-related data reviews, stakeholder interviews and market intelligence research to support the client in their success.

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