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Clinical & Regulatory Strategy, Forecasting, Regulatory Strategy, Target Product Profile, Market Assessment, Development Plan




To conduct a therapeutic pipeline assessment including competitive market analysis, and to advise strategic direction to achieve CTA / IND; to assist in contract negotiations with a major pharmaceutical partner.

“The Novateur Ventures team guided us to the next level, bringing knowledge, experience, and credibility to our team. Simply put, it was like having a world class scientific advisory board, BD team, and drug development team simultaneously!”

Dr. Frederic Leduc
Co-founder & CEO, Immune Biosolutions


Platforms often have infinite possibilities. How do you choose the best possible indication or products?

Immune Biosolutions retained the Novateur Clinical and Business Development team to conduct an assessment of Immune Biosolutions’ therapeutic pipeline and layout the key steps necessary to advance two of their therapeutics pipeline’s projects up to CTA/IND. The assessment of the pipeline to include a general competitive landscape in terms of target/indication chosen and strengths and challenges of therapeutic in its proposed indication.

In 2017, within 4 weeks the Novateur team completed such assessment which included:

  1. Recommendation on targets, including Outlining steps and advice in target validation and lead selection 

  2. Recommendations on indications/diseases

  3. Recommendations on development paths

  4. Competitive analysis of the space for each indication

  5. Gantt charts, development plans, timelines, and topline budgets

In 2018, Immune Biosolutions received a term sheet from a major pharmaceutical partner. The Immune Biosolutions team retained the Novateur business development team to assist in negotiating the agreements and contracts between the two companies. We were delighted to assist Immune Biosolutions in successfully completing their first collaboration deal with a major global pharmaceutical company.

Our support for Immune Biosolutions on subsequent business development activities continues to this day.


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