Major Pharmaceutical Companies




CMC, Clinical Studies, Intellectual Property Freedom to Operate, Intellectual Property Validation, Market Assessment, Preclinical, Regulatory, Reimbursement, Scientific Validation, Statistics, Toxicology & Safety




To evaluate in-licensing opportunities for pharmaceutical companies.


Multiple in-licensing opportunities evaluated, products licensed and obtained approval

Over the past 5 years, our team has evaluated several over 100 in-licensing opportunities for a number of major pharmaceutical companies. 

These opportunities range from early stage platforms, to early, mid and late stage products as well as commercialized products. 

For each opportunity we dig deep and ask the hard questions on the science, clinical, formulation, regulatory, reimbursement and intellectual property. 

In some cases we have then supported the major pharmaceutical company to in-license the product, and obtain approval in certain markets, where other pharmas had not been able to. 

In other cases, we supported the major pharmaceutical client in their presentation to various health authorities and have assisted them in obtaining approval. 

References for these projects are available under a confidentiality disclosure agreement.


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