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“Our practical IP advice helps you secure your innovations and attract investors and corporate partners.”

Thomas Digby, Attorney
Global IP Lead

Thomas Digby is a US and Canadian intellectual property (IP) and transaction attorney. He works in the fields of small molecule NCEs, biologics, generics and biosimilars, research-tools and therapeutic targets, biofuels, and biomass-derived chemicals. With over 25 years in practice, Thomas has advised a wide range of clients, from seed-stage, VC-funded startups through to global pharma with Novartis. While at Novartis, Thomas led a specialized IP Asset Management team focused on enforcement of IP rights, with the goal of revenue generation. Enforcement proceeds during 2012-2015 were over $650 million.

Thomas has specific expertise in license and M&A due diligence, negotiation, and dispute resolution. He also has deep experience in complex global IP issues relating to tax, transfer-pricing, supply-chain management, and compliance with international trade sanctions. Thomas holds a Doctor of Law degree from Dalhousie University.

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